53 Calendar

The calendar project ‘53’ was initiated by 10 students of the Department Design at the HAW Hamburg. Each of the 53 weeks was assigned by drawing lots. The participants researched past events which happened in the same calendar week for inspiration.

This resulted in 53 unique illustrations that were combined in a handmade calendar. The calendar information are perforated, so after a year of using, the calendar becomes book.

57 pages
37 × 27.5cm
Printed with the Risograph NZ 770 E.
Silk-printed cover.
Edition of 300 (Sold out).

CW 2 – 08.14.1856

The chemist John Allen Veatch discovers the first borax deposit in the United States. Borax is the with polyvinyl alcohol the main ingredient for the toy “Slime”.

CW 16 – 19.04.1741

Clara, a female Indian Rhinoceros, became famous during 17 years of touring Europe in the mid-18th century.

Souvenirs were mass produced and sold where ever she went. Songs and poems were inspired by her, and even porcelain figures, coins and clothes were sold with her image.

Armillaria ostoyae
CW 24 – 13.06.1908

The Malheur National Forest was established by President Theodore Roosevelt, which inhabits one of the largest living organisms.

Scientists have estimated a single specimen found in the forest to have been growing for 2.400 years, covering 3.4 square miles (8.4 km²).

The Black Prince
CW 41 – 10.10.1361

Joan of Kent and Edward of Woodstock marry in Windsor Castle. Because of his supposedly black armor, he was called the Black Prince.

There is no record of this name being used during his lifetime, nor for more than 150 years after his death.

Wütendes Glas
CW 52 – 28.12.1981

The album Grauzone of the band with the same name enters the German Charts for 18 months.