BRB.exe is an interactive virtual reality experiment. It is disguised as an application that lets you relax at a virtual beach, but it transfers the user into a situation, where he has no longer control. Ultimately, the application identifies the participant as a threat and eradicates it from the system, but not without leaving behind a backup copy of the participants virtual body.

A central theme of the installation is the shifting perception of your own body. Combined with the immersion of virtual reality and the body reconstruction, we could treat the virtual bodies of the user as a material. Minor changes in the surface of the perceived body had major impact on the user. Together with the intended loss of control during the experiment, we achieved some more or less unexpected results. During the scene, where the user sits in front of the reconstructed body, people responded with a variety of emotions: Some were confused, delighted, surprised or even intimidated. Some responded with apathy, some played clapping games with their mirrored selves.

The game engine Unity was used for the real-time rendering. As the project was one of the first virtual reality installations (back in October 2014), we used the first developer version of the Oculus Rift and a beta version of the Microsoft Kinect V2. The body reconstruction was done with custom scripts in collaboration with Jan Menzel.

In 2015, we presented our technique and approach at the International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions in Lisbon.