Schirm, German for ‘screen’ or ‘umbrella’.
“Etwas auf dem Schirm haben” colloquial for
“To be aware of something”.

SCHIRM was my personal approach towards understanding the (pseudo) art movement New Aesthetic. The outcome was a hybrid between an archive, a blog and a magazine. The physical magazine is not only an archive of the theoretical foundation of the movement, but it also portraits the diverse spectrum of opinions regarding the significance of the New Aesthetic, whether the New Aesthetics “is the attempted imposition on the public of a new way of perceiving reality”¹ or if “there is no meaning, because it’s only a style; not an aesthetic in the broader sense, but one limited in scope to what has already happened and lacking an ability to dream into the future”². The true function of the archive will become apparent if the New Aesthetic is going to establish itself or not.

Besides the physical magazine, the Tumblr blog with the same name functions as an application of the New Aesthetic in the field of graphic design. In this personal research project I collect experimental print products which blur the borders between the mediums, between digital and physical.

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¹ Bruce Sterling, An Essay on the New Aesthetic
² Hrag Vartanian, A Not-So-New Aesthetic, or another attempt at technological triumphalis